Reputation Management: Plugging The Leaks

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Reputation management services often calls on the need for plugging leaks. The leaks could be in the form of information, sensitive data or just classified material. Online reputation management experts are posed with the challenge to counter the viral attacks of detractors and critics. Any information that should have remained in the private domain is most likely to cause disturbances when revealed to the public. The issues could be minuscule or something that does not affect the lives of any of the people who raise the brouhaha. But since they have got their hands on a piece of information that is elite, the reputation management experts will have a tough time on their hands to keep the matter under wraps. In fact, that is the worst mistake that a reputation management expert can do.

Online reputation management campaigns that are conducted to cement leaks and safeguard the reputation of the brand must try not to wave away the threat. When the reputation management experts keep the users and brand associates in the dark and try to brush things away as insignificant, people begin to dig deeper. You can quote several instances when brands tried to silence reporters and media personnel and they ended up digging deeper because the brand representatives did not give them the answers they were looking for. A good way to stop sundry people from digging up uncomfortable material is to provide them with what they want. reputation management services can speak to the media, publish online content, issue online press releases and explain their stand. Provide the information from authentic sources and they will give you an unbiased hearing.

Another way of sealing the leak is churning out content that contradicts the rumors. Online reputation management campaigns are all about making positive content visible and available to those who are looking for your brand. You can do it through search engine optimization and proper use of keywords. When the reputation management team is looking to work against a particular rumor or speculation, they have to target keywords specific to the problem. The keywords that you research can be used to optimize the content that you generate. There is a unique way of responding to the users curiosity. You can build micro-sites and optimize them with the keywords. These sites can be built quickly and you can maximize them to have only specific information on the web pages.

The act of sealing leakage is not always an external effort. There are lessons to be learnt from the reputation management campaigns. If there is a silver lining in these episodes, its identifying the chinks in your armor. Through the online reputation management drives you can find out where you are going wrong as a brand. When you are sealing the leakage, you can make certain changes in the workflow or data use. Learning these lessons will help you avoid further damages to your reputation in the future. Also, keep in mind that reputation management services is a continued effort. Be vigilant at all times!
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Reputation Management: Plugging The Leaks

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This article was published on 2011/01/17