Reputation Management - Losing Control Of Brand Online Can Be Perilous

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There are a wide variety of reputation needs and remedies. Below is a list of common solutions utilized by businesses that have had their reputation, image and good name attacked?

Reputation Repair: This could include negative press, reviews, blogs, press releases and news. Solutions would include either completely removing the negative item or pushing it deeper in your search engine rankings where very few people will see it.

Reputation Management: This would include monitoring your search results to see what people are posting about you or your company. Are there negative items that need to be addressed? Are there positive items that should be pushed higher in your search engine results?

Rip Off Report: This is one of the most damaging and challenging website to deal with. Their website is full of fake reviews placed there by competitors, angry customers, disgruntled ex-employees, etc.

Social Media & Social Bookmarking: defines Online Social Networking as the practice of expanding the number of ones business and/or social contacts by making connections through individuals. While social networking has gone on almost as long as societies themselves have existed, the unparalleled potential of the Internet to promote such connections is only now being fully recognized and exploited, through Web-based groups established for that purpose. Websites such as Face Book, MySpace, LinkedIn and Twitter are popular examples of social networking websites.

Remove Negative Press: This is incredibly damaging to your reputation. Making this problem even more serious is the fact that search engines like Google place a special emphasis on news websites. These websites will rank very high for your name. They will also continue to stay ranked in a high position until they are dealt with. It is very rare for these items to fade deeper in your search engine results over time. They usually get stronger with time and continue to rise in your rankings due to how the search engines value this type of content.

Reputation Assessment: Some companies and individuals do not have a real grasp of their online reputation. You need to have a handle on how the world sees you through the eyes of the search engines. Is there negative content that is causing you damage without you even being aware of it? Is the positive content that needs to be pushed up higher where it can do the greatest good? Is there someone using your name for their own purposes?

Reputation Insurance: If you are in an industry where you are very likely to get complaints this type of monthly service can save you thousands of dollars. Do not wait until you are attacked.

International Reputation: All of the major search engines have country specific versions of their results. If you do business internationally you may have to address all of these search engines.

Search Engine Optimization: Reputation Management is a niche in the larger industry of Search Engine Optimization.

Professional written content and production and distribution: Content is king. This is especially true when it comes to search engine rankings. Content should be distributed to hundreds of websites, press releases, blogs, social media, articles and directories. This type of content is very effective for both Reputation Management and SEO.
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Reputation Management - Losing Control Of Brand Online Can Be Perilous

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This article was published on 2010/10/22