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What greater asset for a doctor than a good reputation? As a doctor your reputation is everything. Your entire practice depends on it.  You have worked relentlessly for several long, hard years. You've been on this journey ever since you can remember. It started out as a dream then became a budding reality. This road has not been easy. What happens now? You build your business. What is the best way for those in health care and service to build business? Through word of mouth.

As a doctor, old and new, your reputation is the driving force of your career. Many people find doctors primarily through references and research. If a potential patient experiences some type of ailment and they are not already seeing a specialist in that particular field the potential patient will take to reviews to help decide which physician to see. Many potential patients start with a Google search. Let's say for example there is a patient looking for an orthopedic surgeon in a particular area; the patient types a request into the search bar and what comes up? Your name. What happens next? Is your name represented on the internet in a manner that will drive potential patients to you or push them away?

Go ahead and see for yourself. Type in the type of medicine you practice and your location and see what you find attached to your name. Do the results accurately reflect your name, your practice? If you were a potential patient would you go to see a doctor with an online reputation similar to the reputation that you see for yourself? If something could be done to change your current online reputation would you do it? Of course you would, it means your career.

It all boils down to reputation management. Reputation management involves maintaining a positive image on the web while combating any negative publicity. Your goal is to see to it that you are constantly best represented so that your practice will continue to thrive.  Here are a few tips on managing your reputation:

  • Review Notifications: You must realize potential patient protocol. Since potential new clients rely most heavily on reviews, know exactly what is being said about your practice on each search engine. It is of immense importance to constantly know who's saying what and why.
  • Address the reviews: Be sure to let no comment go unnoticed. Offer valid rebuttals to the negative comments on the search engines. Explain yourself. It's worth it. If a potential patient sees that you are addressing issues head on they are more likely to trust you as their physician.
  • Convert: There are ways to convert potential patients into patients. Be proactive by using organic SEO to circulating positive public relations and boot positive listings. Create positive, original material to be made present high on search engine result pages, as well.

As a practicing doctor one can only imagine how full your plate is.  You simply have no space to adequately excel in your field while keeping a close eye on your reputation.

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Reputation Management for Doctors

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This article was published on 2011/04/07