Reputation is Everything - A Music Industry Case Study

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If you are in business building and keeping a good reputation is everything. It is widely regarded as one of the most valuable assets that a company possesses. Building a good reputation is a complex process and it takes time. It is hard to build your reputation and easy to lose it!

The company's brand is the vehicle that carries your reputation. In basic terms it is the representation of your business to the outside world. The brand name and logo are the embodiment of what your company is and what it stands for in the eyes of your customers and potential customers. A brand may emphasise features that are special or even unique to your company, or more general features that would apply to any company such as product quality, customer service and good value. 

People may not readily think of an entertainment band as a business with a brand. The end product from a band, the performance, is only part of the story and anyone booking a band  would be wise to do their research well. At the end of the day a customer will not be a satisfied if they have found it difficult to get in touch, were worried that the band might not turn up on the day and there were issues about the safety of the equipment used. All these things can be just as important as the performance. Only delivery of the complete package guarantees a satisfied customer and only a fully satisfied customer will talk positively about their experience and recommend the product or service. These principles apply to any business that wants to builds a good reputation and to keep it. Satisfied customers are the foundation for building a reputation and dissatisfied customers are the way to destroy it!

Most bands when they start up are a group of musicians who enjoy playing together and are happy to play at any venue. As they become professionals wanting to earn a living, musicians soon realise that there is more to it than that  - it is about running a business. It is necessary to start looking more systematically at the market you are in and slowly, but surely, build your reputation. I know from experience that reputation needs to be built on delivering specific customer requirements: tailoring performances to the needs of the customer and the occasion (giving customers what they want and using your experience on the day to perform the right music in the right way); and, ensuring that the quality of performances is always high (high levels of musicianship and sound reproduction). Getting people up dancing and having an enjoyable time is a pre-requisite for a function band, but giving good customer service all the way through from booking to performance makes the difference between one that is OK and one that has an excellent reputation.

Building a reputation doesn't happen overnight, it takes many years listening to customers, learning from experience and innovating. You will know that you are getting somewhere when competitors start copying what you are doing! The it's about continuing to work hard to reinforce, develop and improve your reputation and reinforce the strength of your brand. 

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Reputation is Everything - A Music Industry Case Study

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This article was published on 2010/04/04