Does My Reputation Affect My Current Status?

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Reputation is as important as gold and craft materials in the World of Warcraft. Reputation is the reward every WoW player can get as they have build relationship with the other characters. Every player must check on their reputation as they go on with certain quest. Gaining reputation should also be your concern because you can also get some rewards if you gain certain reputation. If you are just a beginner, you need to be friend with the other races so that you can also be benefited with what they have.

As you reach Azeroth, you must prepare yourself because you have to face and fight different factions. You should aim to finish this quest as soon as possible. Just like any other quests that you have undergone, you are required to defeat some of the creatures you will come across with.

The good thing about defeating certain creature is the fact that you can get favor from certain factions. Gaining reputation with specific factions will give you the chance to quest items or undertake quests that are not open to other players.

You must be careful with your actions because if you have attacked one member of a certain faction and have it killed, it can affect the entire faction. There are eight reputations which a player can gain which can also be helpful to you as you go on leveling.

• Exalted - it is the highest level of accolade attainable with a faction
• Revered - it is the special reputation reserved for special heroes
• Honored - as you gain this reputation, you can have 10% discount on items you have bought from vendors
• Friendly - players of the team should acquire this standard reputation level
• Neutral - this is the standard reputation level for factions which are not playing as a team and not KOS
• Unfriendly - this reputation neither buys and sells nor interacts
• Hostile - the faction that gain this reputation is killed in sight
• Hated - the faction should be killed; the opposing team factions are set permanently in this level

As said earlier you should be careful with the reputation you are gaining. If you are first timer in a certain reputation, you can get some information about the faction who has it by clicking it on the reputation pane. In order for you to tell the other faction about your reputation, you can display your reputation where your experience is currently displayed. If you do not want to show all of your reputation then you can mark it as "Inactive". Some players want to be always in combat. You can declare war on certain faction on which has a reputation UI.

You can also change your reputation as soon as you finished specific quest or killed certain monsters. In choosing your reputation, it is always important that you consider your in-game

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Does My Reputation Affect My Current Status?

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This article was published on 2010/03/30